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Our mission

Psych ZenHealth is committed to providing holistic and compassionate care from ages 17 years and above; to restore, improve and maintain optimal mental health.

Personalized Addiction Treatment Program

Our approach is compassionate, integrative and collaborative. Learn more about our treatment Services

Our goal is to deliver the utmost quality mental health and behavioral care by practicing evidence based medicine.

Holistic Approach is our Philosophy

We treat clients as a whole, and as a person, not as a diagnosis. 

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Our Services


We provide treatment and maintenance services for the following cases:

Treatment Approach

Types of Therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychodynamic
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Positive Psychology
  • Interpersonal
  • Coaching
  • Reality Therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Integrative or Holistic Approach
  • Medication Management
  • Christian Counselling

We also provide Suboxone treatment for opioid addiction. We accept major health insurance plans and self pay, walk-in and same day appointment.

General Mental Health

Our goal is to provide individualized, comprehensive treatment plan for all our clients based on their needs and symptoms. We provide a thorough patient education that allows our clients to understand their disease and treatment plan.

Medication Maintenance


We target our client’s symptoms with the most effective medication that will enhance stability and progress. We use evidence-based psychopharmacotherapy or medication management in conjunction with psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy Approaches


We provide combinations of Behavioral therapy, Cognitive therapy, Humanistic therapy and Integrative or Holistic approaches tailored to individual’s specific needs. It’s our goal to create a safe, supportive and therapeutic environment for all our clients.

Commercial Insurance/ Medicare

We accept most major commercial insurance, Medicare and also self-pay. Below are some of the insurance companies we work with. 

Accepted Health Plans


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We are located at Campbell Avenue corner Maryvale Pkwy. 2nd Floor- Suite 208.

Individualized Addiction Treatment Program in Phoenix

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For Opioid Addiction and Dependence


Suboxone is the first FDA approved treatment for opioid and heroin addiction. The Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000 made it legal to prescribe an opioid for treatment of addiction. For those dependent on opioid and heroin, suboxone provides a good alternative to ending their dependence. The law requires that only physicians who have training in opioid addiction treatment, who are registered with the Secretary of Health and Human Services and certified by the Drug Enforcement Administration can prescribe suboxone.


What makes Suboxone a safe and effective treatment?


Suboxone is simply a combination of two different medications (Buprenorphine and naloxone). Buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist while Naloxone is a pure opioid antagonist. Suboxone is an opioid, and it works by activating the same opioid receptors that other opioids do. It does so without producing a high when taken as prescribed. People use heroin because it activates their brain receptors causing excitement that make them seek heroin continually. Buprenorphine provides lower or partial effect and feeling like heroin. So, transitioning from heroin to Buprenorphine is safe, effective and government approved.



The second component of Suboxone is Naloxone a pure opioid antagonist. Naloxone excites opioid receptors in the brain, shutting them down. This means agonists (opioids) like heroin no longer reach brain receptors. Naloxone even reverses the effect of the heroin in the system that had already taken place. This means continuous use of opioid while on Suboxone will not provide the satisfaction originally derived.   Suboxone requires a partial detoxification process (usually 12 hours to 2 days) before starting the treatment, while naltrexone (a promising new drug for opioid addiction) requires extensive detoxification to use (usually 3 to 10 days of no opioid use). Naltrexone also may require one shot a month, while suboxone is typically taken daily as a pill.

All of these factors and more will need to be considered by health care providers and patients as they decide what treatment to use.  



Before Taking Suboxone , it is important to inform your doctor of any of the following conditions:


• A breathing problem or lung disease;

• Enlarged prostate, urination problems;

• Liver or kidney disease;

• Abnormal curvature of the spine;

• Adrenal gland issues, gallbladder, or thyroid;

• Brain tumor, head injury, or seizures;

• Alcoholism and drug addiction


Suboxone treatment in Phoenix:


At Psych ZenHealth, you will be required to be in moderate active opioid withdrawal before your initial Suboxone treatment. We require between 24 -36 hours of abstinence from opioid use. We encourage patient not to drive until you see how suboxone affects you. You are required to follow up in 7 days after the initial dose.   If you’re interested in learning more about Suboxone treatment or you’re ready to take the first step to recovering from your drug addiction or opioid dependence, contact us today.


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